CultureInsights™ Methodology

The CultureInsights™ methodology reveals to Leaders how and where organizational culture is anchored and facilitates the discussion on which anchors to leverage to achieve culture change over time in four distinct steps:

Culture Audit

The CultureInsights™ Audit gathers data on the “real” organization. The proprietary exploratory cards draw out, in organization-relevant words, the sublevel functioning of the organization across a broad spectrum of cultural dimensions. They provide a snapshot of how the organization thinks, feels, and acts.

Culture Evaluation

This facilitated process enables Leaders to gain awareness of how the prevailing culture promotes or hinders the achievement of the business purpose. The ensuing discussion addresses the gaps to determine which cultural elements are to be raised, created, reduced, or eliminated.

Culture Steering

The ensuing process of culture change begins by shaping the new cultural reality through the definition of the values, leader and behavioral competencies necessary for the achievement of the business purpose and their enactment. By putting the new culture into context at the top level of the organization and thus establishing the credibility of the new norms, these can then be effectively steered throughout the organization.

Culture Rollout

Finally, to ensure consistency between what the organization says and does, all business and people processes as well as all internal and external communication must be compatible and aligned. The new values and behaviors are explicitly defined in a competency model and integrated in the key HR Processes (Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development, Succession Planning and Compensation). Once realized, the organization will have mastered the construction of its own reality, present and future.